Solution for the furnishing in Gela

Bathroom fixture suiting every need

For those who are looking for innovative solution of furniture in Gela A.D Ceramiche has many options regarding the field of indoor surfaces, bathroom fixture and thermo-hydraulic. To give a surplus touch to your bathroom, in this way, becomes easy and quick; the offer opens up with a wide selection of ceramic bathroom fixture from the best brands, capable of adapting to the many needs of the customers, and goes on with sinks, mirrors, toilettes, bidets, showers, shower boxes and bathroom furniture in general. Every one of these options can be evaluated with calm, helped by the opinion of your own family and friends, without forgetting about the discrete yet constant presence of the staff, which is always ready to clarify any doubt and to find a solution. The decision concerning the shower box, then, seems to be very important, considering that in many houses the space plays a fundamental role in the disposition of bathroom fixture. The offer of AD Ceramiche, in this field, offers classic solutions composed by traditional shower boxes, with transparent walls, hermetic closures and anti-sliding surfaces, or the rain-showers. The latter, fixed directly on the wall present simple shapes and a unique style, characterized by an elegance which immediately matches the rest of the environment of the room. The offer of bathroom furniture, in fact, include a great quantity of pieces of furniture and useful solutions capable of matching practicality and good-looking. In the big exhibitive space available for the client it is possible to admire furnishing solutions of a high quality and a refined taste, which matches the practicality to a modern and cared design, without forgetting to offer an experience which is visually pleasant. The offer includes modular solutions such as furniture capable of reproduce the classic suspended effect, resulting in being elevate from the floor level. This trick helps to benefit in a more efficient way from the space and at the same time it gives to the room an atmosphere which is both elegant and original. 

Moreover, in this field, there are also pieces of furniture with two or more drawers, which style is taken also by the mirror accompanying them. The columns, which are with one or more shutters, follow the aesthetic of the main piece of furniture, offering again a suspended style, or a mirror style, with mirrored shutters. There also more classical alternatives though, with solutions equipped with floor basements. Beside all this, then, you must consider an adequate illumination, capable of offering a correct level of view in any occasion. All this comes to be possible thanks to the presence of lamps, appliques, capable of exploiting high energetic efficiency light bulbs, neon lamps or halogen spotlights. The selection of the perfect light source is a decision which should not forget about fundamental aspects such as the practicality and efficiency, always without forgetting about consistency within the style of the other parts of the bathroom. To get to a correct compromise allows you to choose the most consistent alternative with the taste and needs of the client. In this way, every buyer will be satisfied of an offer thought for every living solution, from the wider surfaces to the tiniest houses.

Doors and pavements to give a new personality to your house

The offer of furniture in Gela proposed by A.D. Ceramiche does not only end with the best solutions for the bathroom furnishing: in the total offer of the big exhibitive space of the company, in fact, are included solutions concerning the making-modern of the inhabitation to its fullest. It is possible to choose among a wide range of internal doors, with different styles and characteristics. For instance, there are the most traditional alternatives, made in wood and equipped with a classic taste, thanks to the motifs engraved on the surface. They are solutions which suit well a private house, but also working contexts in prestigious buildings, or with an historical and artistic relevance. The needs of the clients which require for more modern alternatives, in every case, won’t be disappointed: marked lines, geometrical design and pastel colors are the base of a wide and various offer. The alternatives of this style suit well the elegance and sobriety which is proper of the working places, but also with the taste of the private clients. 

AD Ceramiche also stands out in the laying and treating of internal and external surfaces, such as pavements, tiles, paves. The alternatives offered, in fact, can easily find space in different contexts and situations. In fact, those who are looking for a green space within their country house can go for solutions including the pave of stone tiles. This element is capable to immediately give a simple yet evocative touch, which can be associated with bushes, trees, hedges, floral compositions and plants in general. This same choice of buying, though, can be exploited to embellish and making more modern an internal environment, to make more precious your own living room with solid material, which are well-manufactured: it will transform your room, immediately equipping it with a different and well defined character.

Floors and walls become painting canvas

The alternatives to renewing or creating from scratch your own floor does not end with the laying and the treating of paves. In fact, AD Ceramiche, offers many other solutions capable of meeting the needs of the client. Among them, it is possible to have the chance to design your own resin pavements: this is a totally original alternative, which allows you to obtain a final result which is aligned with your own needs, customized by the unique visual power. These solutions can boast an uncommon aesthetic, which enhances a surface completely smooth surface, without any joint or other flaws. Other options concern the laying and treating of wooden and fake-wood floors. This choice is capable of producing an atmosphere warm and welcoming which results in being adapt to rooms such as living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens. To decide to lay a wooden parquet grants you perceivable sensations, coming from the living and organic nature of the surface, which will result in being resistant, isolating and paintable. The choice of going for the fake wood, in fact, can grant an important monetary saving, and an aesthetic which remains inviting. 

The laying and treating of the tiles is another main activity of AD Ceramiche which grants you many chances of customizing walls, floors and outdoor and indoor surfaces. The exhibitive space of the company includes many options regarding colors, dimension and different styles. It is possible, then, to go for tiles capable of designing a floral image, perfect for the bathroom, or geometrical motifs, suiting a professional environment. Still, the choice could also be a mosaic-shaped solution, in this case the walls of your house are considered as true canvas, a surface which can be enriched with complex designs of a strong impact. There are not limitations due to the scarceness of styles or alternatives: in the wide exhibitive space in Gela the client can, a first moment, observe directly the patterns and sample present, try to understand which one is the style suiting better his house and to get some advice and consultation by the staff. The professionals working in the store are always ready to clarify any doubt related to the purchase and installation not only of tiles but also all the other products sold. In this way it is applied the philosophy of AD Ceramiche, which aims to offer a complete assortment and a flawless assistance.