Brand of ceramics in Gela

The best brands of the furnishing

A service of sale of ceramics for pavements, coverings, bathroom fixture and thermos-hydraulic products can’t be defined complete without the presence of big brands. Behind brand and names known by the public, hide enterprise histories made of passion, effort, savoir faire, artisanal tradition and technologic development. To be able to offer to the clients a selection of brands of ceramics in Gela which are that important is a big emblem of reliability, guarantee of the seriousness offered by A.D. Ceramiche. These are qualities which must be conquered through time and they can only be gained by offering to the client the best service at the most convenient price. It is for this reason then, that A.D. Ceramiche offers the products of the most prestigious brands, such as:

  • ABK
  • Ceramica Bardelli
  • Boxer
  • Ceramica Casabella
  • Lord Ceramica
  • Roberto Cavalli
  • Skytech
  • Toscoker Tuscania
  • Trend
  • Tuscania Collection
  • Keope Ceramiche
  • Pastorelli

Whatever is your purchasing need, the type of client, the staff will offer the most adapt solutions so that your house gains a new life. It is in this way that the client will get in touch with the fine ceramic tiles and the coverings signed by ABK, or with the ceramic products of Ceramica Casabella, specialized in solutions for pavements. Pastorelli, in the same way, offers its line of ceramic materials for indoor and outdoor, beside prestigious proposals in matter of tiles and coverings. To give to the room of your house the perfect character is easy with the selection of brands of ceramics in Gela offered by A.D. Ceramiche. The precious mosaics and decorations for pavements by Boxer, for instance, will enrich the environments of your own house. Still, the proposals for the furnishing of indoors and outdoors by Lord Ceramica will increase the prestige of kitchens and bathrooms. Toscoker Tuscania, Trend, Skytech and Keope Ceramiche, in fact, will be the favorite options of those who want to rely to affirmed professionals in matter of coverings in ceramic gres, parquet and décor. The solutions of these companies matches the building efficiency with high aesthetic values, for a personal experience which shall be lived within your own house with you beloved ones. To furnish the bathroom and kitchen then, becomes easier with the artistic ceramics of Ceramica Bardelli, which offers a wide range of ceramic products with a clean and elegant design, designed by affirmed Italian and international designers. Last, it cannot be missed the occasion to decorate your own house with the artworks of one of the biggest firms of the Italian style: Roberto Cavalli. In fact, the creations of the collection signed by this brand, one of the most influential brands in the Italian lifestyle, are available. They are sold with a license by Ceramiche Ricchetti. These are objects with a unique design, with modern solutions for indoor floors, bathroom fixture, furniture, coverings and ceramic surfaces. Then, to offer a wide choice means for A.D. Ceramiche to present to the public the best brands because, only in this way, offering products of an excellent quality, it can be maintained that promise made by the company to every single client, which aims to the excellence of the service.