AD Ceramics in Gela

Solutions for the renewal of your house

The offer of A.D. Ceramiche in Gela involves a large scale of solutions and proposals for make the house look more modern, furnish and give a touch of style to your house. Located in Via Madonna del Rosario 38 in Gela, in the Catalnissetta province, at the moment the company addresses to both professionals and private clients. To be able to satisfy the requests, needs and aspirations of so-different buyers, it is then necessary to own clear and precise mission, which remains stable since the very first moment the client gets in touch with the company. In the case of A.D. Ceramics, then, the main purpose is the one of offering a wide choice, an ordered exhibition and rich in useful information. These important forewords find a perfect ground and concrete foundation in the strict attention towards the smallest details, and in the chosen and selected staff. The staff, moreover, is constantly available in order to offer to the clients a cordial service, and especially a skillful one. The complete offer of the activities proposed includes a series of solutions adequate for the renewal of your own house or your workplace. Among the others, A.D. Ceramiche puts its efforts into the sale of bathroom furniture, doors, the installation of tiles and pavements. All the necessary to make you house and bathroom look more modern, is then accompanied by the offer of thermo-hydraulic products, which are essential to the correct functioning of the bathroom furniture. Beside the wholesale and retail sale of ceramics and bathroom fixture, there is the field of solutions linked to the renewal of pavements and surfaces with the installation of carpeting and the treatment of tiles and paving. The carpeting, composed by a covering of resistant semi-worked items, suits various kinds of indoor environments: tiles and paving, in fact, represents the solution for giving a touch of luxury to a certain environment, or to enhance a wall which, although, would be anonymous. The treatment of indoor resin pavements sides the sale of many varieties of parquet, available both in real wood and fake wood. This is a choice which suits perfectly the will to create an elegant atmosphere in your own house, to be lived together with your family, yet still suiting the professionalism of an office in which do your job.

To make a house look more modern and to give a new life to the indoor environments of it, though, shouldn’t make the attention go away from the outdoor of the house itself. This element, more than anything else, in fact is exposed to the bad weather and the sign of time passing, and it can often represent a strict and pitiless judge. In this field, A.D. Ceramiche in Gela offers high quality doors and windows produced by Schuco, capable of isolating and stamping the environments of your house from the external ambient noises: this solution, other than excluding annoying distractions which could bring your attention away from your job, or disturb your nights, can bring to an elevate energetic efficiency: this is, then, an element which is capable to determine a saving in terms of time and money, which are both crucial elements in the correct choosing of the furnishing of your own house. The presence and work of the paint company Mapei, from which A.D. Ceramiche takes benefit, is focused on the restoring of the facades of the house and to bring them back to their original beauty; the choice of colors and paintings allows you to come across to the needs of all kinds of clients, even the most demanding ones, who will be satisfied by the service offered. But that is not all: the work of restoring of the facades sees the company working also on waterproofing interventions. This activity does not only aim to protect the walls from water but also from all the problems which can cause degradation marks on the houses. The restoring work is also aimed to the creation of an elastic layer the more breathing possible, so that the eventual water collected would not stagnate. The combination of varnishes and transparent and highly avant-garde paintings , combined with the work of protection of the degraded structure, completes the activity of restoring of the facades in which the company has been specialized for a very long time. These excellent knowledge, combined with a precious savoir faire, will be able to give a new life also to the buildings with which the time hasn’t been that kind. All the activities described above makes you understand which is the company culture of A.D. Ceramiche, and why the company has been considered for years emblem of order, wide choice and attention towards details. In fact, these are the ingredients which create the correct mix, capable of offering an excellence service in the field ceramics for pavements and coverings, bathroom fixture and thermo-hydraulic products.